Thanatos Online

About Thanatos Online

Thanatos Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for Android and possibly at a later time also for PC (Windows and Linux), iPhone and Mac.
The game is written entirely in Java making cross-platform possible.
Thanatos Online makes use of the jPCT 3D Engine as it is free, easy to use and has an excellent community.

What and why?

  • Android - I got myself an android phone and like to program for the devices I have.
  • Java - To develop for android Java is a requirement, also because it is supported on most platforms and operating systems it can be widely used on any device.
  • jPCT - First off, It's free and easy to use, also I had first hand experience with it's excellent community. Whenever there is a question, someone (mostly the owner of jPCT) is always happy to assist.
  • SQLite - It's fast and it can be used with any operating system as it does not require any external server software (like MySQL or MSSQL).